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The Delalande stainless steel clip is an ingenious system that allows you to change swimmer fish in no time at all.

Unbreakable in fishing action, it does not open and is designed to slide the swimmer fish without opening it. This gives no weakness on long-term use and therefore no wear. The classic market staples break by opening and closing them.

The different sizes make it possible to adapt it to all the lures thus to all the peaches. From fine fishing on suspicious fish to deep sea fishing.

It is also very practical in winter when fingers are numb and conditions are difficult.

Plus, for the big bait (larger sizes) no more need to hurt your fingers!

The Delalande stainless steel staple must not be opened because it becomes unusable and cannot be closed again.

Available in 3 sizes: #6 (29lbs), #7 (35lbs), #8 (45lbs)

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c’est en permanence dans ma boite ;simplicité gain de temps et sécurité l’agrafe ne s’ouvre pas




Faut-il fermer soi-même l’agrafe avant de s’en servir? Je pense avoir un soucis avec les agrafes que je viens de recevoir…
Elles ont l’air de ne pas être terminées par rapport aux différentes photos trouvées sur le net, d’où ma question.
Je ne sais pas où vous envoyer une photo.



    Bonjour Olivier, non nos agrafes sont des agrafes rapide -> il suffit juste de tourner votre leurre autour de l’agrafe et c’est terminé 🙂 Voici une petite vidéo de l’utilisation :

  These hooks have been conceived to fit perfectly to the different weight of Picol'eau rigs.Available in 3 sizes. For a picol'eau head: - of 5gr or 9gr you can use size n°1 ref 30E915 -of 13gr or 17gr you can use size n°2 ref 30E916 -of 21gr or 28gr you can use size n°3…