Inox Fast Snap + Rolling

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    DELALANDE’s fast clip is the only on the market that you don’t have to open, it’s EASIER, FASTER and STRONGER.  

In a second, you can clip on any jig head DELALANDE’s fast clip. Note that you’ll never have to open DELALANDE’s fast clip (and therefore no manipulation will weaken the fast clip). Its use is very simple – place the eye of your jig head on the entry of the clip and slide it along through the clip (without opening it!)      

Fast clip

    Available in:

  • n°6 – 29 lbs resistance réf. 30706
  • n°7 – 35 lbs resistance réf. 300707
  • n°8 – 45 lbs resistance réf. 30708


Fast clip + rolling

    Available in:

  • n°6 – 29 lbs resistance réf. 30806
  • n°7 – 35 lbs resistance réf. 300807
  • n°8 – 45 lbs resistance réf. 30808


Nickel-plated Ball bearing

    Disponible en:

  • n°0 ref. 30 E 7800
  • n°00 ref. 30 E 78000
  • n°1 ref. 30 E 7801
  • n°2 ref. 30 E 7802


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  These hooks have been conceived to fit perfectly to the different weight of Picol'eau rigs.Available in 3 sizes. For a picol'eau head: - of 5gr or 9gr you can use size n°1 ref 30E915 -of 13gr or 17gr you can use size n°2 ref 30E916 -of 21gr or 28gr you can use size n°3…
The Delalande stainless steel clip is an ingenious system that allows you to change swimmer fish in no time at all. Unbreakable in fishing action, it does not open and is designed to slide the swimmer fish without opening it. This gives no weakness on long-term use and therefore no wear. The classic market staples break…