Cran N°0- 2.6 gr | Cran N°1- 3 gr | Fil N°0- 2.6 gr | Fil N°1- 3 gr | Fil n°2- 3.4 gr | Fil n°3- 3.7gr | Blaise N°0- 3.2 gr | Blaise N°1- 3.9 gr | Blaise N°2- 5 gr | Cran n°2- 3.4 gr | Cran N°3- 3.7 gr

3 types of  wobbles for trout.


These three frames are equipped with a front disc which allows the minnow to have a much more waggle swimming.

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  This mount has been specially conceived for trout fishing by a French specialist M. Laurent Jauffret. (more…)
The Delalande stainless steel clip is an ingenious system that allows you to change swimmer fish in no time at all. Unbreakable in fishing action, it does not open and is designed to slide the swimmer fish without opening it. This gives no weakness on long-term use and therefore no wear. The classic market staples break…