Conceived to be inserted in the tail of the Buster Shad, these rattles are made of glass and creates a rattling sound thanks to the small ball enclosed in the rattle.

Very effective in muddy water, these rattles are a good complement to Buster Shad lure. It combines vibratory sounds and water vibrations of the tails.




2 sizes are available to fit to the different holes of the Buster Shad.
Buster Shad 11cm : 1 rattle big size+2 small size
Buster Shad 13cm: 2 rattles big size + 1 small size
Ref 30601: 5 small sizes rattles
Ref 30602: 5 big size rattles


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  This mount has been specially conceived for trout fishing by a French specialist M. Laurent Jauffret. (more…)