Crazy craw : the all-purpose creature

The Crazy Craw is an imitation of crayfish that drives fish crazy, hence its name!

Features of the crazy craw:

The Crazy Craw is a softbait that has a ringed body like that of the Skeleton, ending in a head and sickle claws like the tails of a grub. These two pliers are very flexible and mobile and always remain in action.

It also has two antennae at the front of the head and very fine little eyelashes that mimic the legs on the sides of the body. These details are not only aesthetic, their finesse allows them to vibrate at the slightest touch, which is easily identifiable and attractive to predators!

At the tail, the part through which you put on the jig head, there are two fins which allow the lure to remain very stable, including in the current!

Lure swimming :

Discover in video the swimming of Crazy Craw Delalande :

Coloris et taille de la Crazy Craw :

The Crazy Craw only exists in one size, the 9cm size. It is the ideal size to target all predators, both at sea and in fresh water. Indeed, in fresh water, it obviously imitates a crayfish, but it is also very effective for sea fishing where it imitates crustaceans such as crab or langoustine very well.

As for colors, there are 5 different ones for crazy craw: Red Pepper (34) which is a slightly translucent red, Green Motor oil (77) and Chartreuse Pepper (163) which are translucent glittery greens dark and light, Pepper Tea (127) which is a glittery translucent brown, and finally Cosmic Orange (166) which is the closest color to crayfish with its orange back.

Differents rigs of Crazy Craw

A hoof jighead to scrape the bottom:

The crustaceans imitated by the Crazy Craw evolve on the bottom, it is logical to fish scratching, both at sea and in fresh water!

For this, the ideal is to use a hoof jig head, which allows you to put the Crazy Craw on the bottom and slightly lift the substrate to attract predators!

Weighted Texas rig :

Still with the idea of scratching at the bottom, but while limiting snagging, it is possible to mount the Crazy craw on a Texas hook which can be weighted with a ball sinker or a staple sinker!

Weightless Texas rig :

The crazy craw can also be used in an unweighted Texas rig, particularly for bass fishing but not only. This assembly makes the Crazy Craw very hovering and easy to suck in for the predator!

Animation of the Crazy Craw :

The Crazy Craw mainly comes alive by scratching above the bottom. The ideal is to cast it far enough, to let it go down to the bottom, then to bring it back gently by doing a small pull with the rod. You then have to retrieve your banner while lowering the rod so that the Crazy Craw pauses on the bottom, and so on!

The peculiarity of the Crazy Craw, its ringed body and its flagellated legs, is that it is very swimming! It can therefore also be retrieved in linear form above the bottom or the seagrass, without any special animations. This linear recovery makes it possible to hit many species of predators and the hits are generally very qualitative!

Crazy Craw Caught Fish Gallery

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