DJ line – Little shad for big fish !

The DJ line is a very versatile shad which, by varying the rigs, can make almost all predators react!

Features of the DJ line :

The DJ line is a shad type softbait, which can be mounted in various different ways to adapt to all depths and all types of fishing!

It has a head with an aggressive eye signal, and slight ribs on the sides, for the visual side while swimming! On its back and its belly are dug large notches which allow to mount it in Texas if necessary. Finally, its fairly large round paddle makes it a dynamic lure that emits quite special vibrations that are very popular with predators!

Its natural swimming and its strong vibrations make the DJ line a versatile lure, but above all a real magnet for big fish, despite its size!

Swimming of the lure :

Discover in video the swimming of DJ line Delalande :

Sizes and colors of the DJ line :

The DJ line is available in 12 and 14cm, two sizes that are quite similar but still with a fairly significant difference in volume!

Pour les couleurs, il en existe 5 différentes pour le DJ line. Le Galactic Blue (153) et Galactic Black (152) qui sont des translucides pailletés dos bleu et dos noir, indispensables pour la pêche en mer ! Un Blanc Tête Rouge (61) efficace partout et dans toutes les conditions. Un coloris très flashy et UV : le Fire Tiger (99) et deux coloris naturels : Jungle (88) et Dark Night (68)

The different rigs of DJ line :

Weighted Texas hook

The reinforced weighted Texas Delalande fits perfectly into the slot of the DJ line and comes out through the small vertical hole provided for this purpose. In this way, the hook is released very easily at the time of the bite!

Mounted in this way, the DJ line allows you to explore any area without the risk of getting caught! Both by the sea and in fresh water!

Classic jig head :

Like all shads, the DJ line can be mounted with a classic round jig head such as the pro jig head or a football head to give it even more rolling!

The DJ line can also be mounted on a pro flex jig head, to add an interesting visual effect thanks to its spin!

Ange Jig head :

For sea fishing, or fishing in fairly deep lakes, the ideal assembly of the DJ line is the one on the Shad Ange jig head! This profiled head offers good penetration into the water, which makes it possible to fish in traction or linear. Prefer a short hook to give more freedom to the DJ line!

This assembly has become a must for bass fishing, but also for all other marine predators!

Animations of the DJ line :

The three rigs mentioned above make it possible to separate the animations into three, in a very distinct way! The Texas rig is ideal for slow linear in open water, or brought up more quickly with the rod high so that the lure remains on the surface. This technique is called buzzing, it is very complementary to top water lures, even essential if there are seagrass beds.

For mounting on a classic jig head, it allows you to fish all layers of water linearly or sawtooth!

Mounted with the Ange head, the DJ line proves to be very effective with mainly two activities: fishing in traction, during which you should not hesitate to do large rapid pulls, while remaining vigilant on the descent phase; and scratch fishing behind the drift! For this technique, we will simply maintain the lure above the bottom by taking advantage of the drift of the boat, before regaining contact with the bottom from time to time to be sure to stay in the lower water layer!

Whatever the animation and the fish sought, it has been noticed many times that the DJ line makes the difference compared to other shads, and it is regular to touch big fish thanks in particular to its specifics  vibrations!

Fish gallery caughted with DJ line :

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