Pike fishing : 2021 Opening with Shad GT Delalande

After long months of waiting and doubts linked to the health crisis, we are finally there: the 2021 opening of pike fishing!

Like many fishermen, the desire to get back on the water and make your first pike of the year was very strong! And what better than a  Shad GT to insure that first fish?

For fishing in a barrage lake, the Shad GT 18cm is one of the most used lures. It remains a decent sized prey to target all sizes of pike and it can be sent with an XH power rod (30-90gr).

Thanks to the Boulboule heads, it is very easy to assemble a Shad GT for pike fishing. Just screw on the head and add one or two triples hook to the top and bottom of the lure.

Find here an explanatory video of the Boulboule assembly for pike:

A first 70cm pike will come in the shad GT in natural Zander color (033) during a cast in open water and on a fairly slow recovery. A magnificent fish, very fatty, which opens the counter for the year 2021.

After the release of this beautiful specimen, we endured a long period without the slightest touch. A meal break was necessary then, and what better than to meet at the edge of the water with friends with a beautiful sun.

Around 2 p.m. we are back on the water, and it is once again the Shad GT 18cm Natural Zander that will hit the mark with this magnificent fish !! A new record for Ghjuvà in a powerful fight. The pike was stung just at the end of the beak by one of the triple thieves, who will unhook as soon as it arrives in the net! Hence the importance of keeping your line as tight as possible throughout the fight!

A beautiful pike on Shad GT 18cm Natural Zander

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