The Tuna GT Finess is the result of Delalande’s research and innovation among tuna fishermen. Indeed, white tuna, bluefin tuna or even tuna and bonito…


To meet the many demands of pike fishermen, the Neo arrives this year in a Swimbait IW (internal Weight) version. It has a rounder body…


After the good success of the Neo shallow Texan, and to meet the many demands of fishermen, the new shad of the range arrives this…


This year, the Delalande Néo range is growing again with the arrival of the Neo Frog. Sold mounted ready to fish with a weighted Texan,…


The Speed Slim is the new lure of the brand for sea fishing, halfway between a slug and a shad, it will seduce bars, places,…


The Neo Shallow is a lure which, as its name suggests, was developed specifically for stalking in “shallow” areas. These shallow areas, often filled with…

New products 2022 :

Each year, Delalande listens to anglers to develop its range of new fishing products! Thanks to its internal development, several new softbaits, new jig heads, but also new colors of lures are appearing on the new 2022 fishing catalog!

nouveauté pêche 2022
New bass lure 2022 : Néo Frog

Freshwater new softbaits 2022 :

Delalande is offering two new freshwater lures in 2022: the Neo Frog and the Neo Swim, which are respectively a new 2022 black bass lure and a new 2022 pike lure. These 2022 fishing novelties complete the Neo range, thus offering a frog for fishing in shallow areas and a wobbler for deeper areas in search of big pike.


Leurre souple Delalande Néo Swim
New pike luret 2022 : Néo Swim
Leurre souple Delalande Tuna GT Finess

New saltwater lure 2022 :

A new lure for sea fishing is also appearing: the Tuna GT Finess, which is a small candy with a very resistant hook, ideal for hunting tuna, bonito, pelamides and other tuna! For new sea fishing 2022, new sizes of lures are also available with in particular the Speed Slim 12cm, which is a real magnet for seabass fishing! This new size will also be very suitable for zander fishing, both in vertical fishing and in linear fishing!