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Long Bass Worm


The Long Bass Worm is the brand new worm! Measuring 18cm, it offers a nice bite to black bass but remains very flexible, which allows it to be eated easily, even on modest sized fish! It has a slot that allows it to accommodate all types of Texas rigs, but also has a part without this slot, designed to insert a straight hook for Wacky fishing! Its tail is finished with a flat part in sage leaf which gives it a hovering side and a constant swim, even on the pause phases!

The long bass worm is available in various colors specific to black bass fishing! Our team has once again listened to anglers to ensure an effective color range! With various more translucent variants and others more opaque, with different sizes of flakes for different visual effects and to adapt to the color of the water!


lake, river


Bass, Perch, Zander

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Lure size :

➡  18cm

Weight of lure body (unrigged) :

➡ 18cm/7gr

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