Leurre souple Delalande Dj line



Shad with a round body and rounded head, the DJ line is initially intended for linear fishing. Its paddle allows a lot of water to be stirred and gives it significant rolling. It has 2 large notches: the upper one protects the tip of the hook and the lower one allows optimal tilting of the hook when hooking if it is mounted on a weighted Texan. The two notches also allow you to fill the lure with attractant.

The Dj Line is certainly the best seabass lure in our range, mounted on an Ange or Speed Factor jig head, it is the perfect combo for offshore fishing, both in traction and on the linear ! The vibrations and resistance of this lure continue to make a good number of seabass succumb, year after year !

Finally, the eye signal and the chiselled shape of the side faces amplify the visual rendering of the lure, thus creating an effect of movement and making swimming more fluid.


in linear


lake, river, Sea


Bass, Catfish, Pike, Seabass

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Lure body weight (unmounted) :

➡ 12cm / 13gr  –  14cm / 22gr

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