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For several years Delalande has been innovating and offering an unusual spinnerbait with flexible frames: The Flex spinner, available in 10gr / 14gr and 21gr.

The advantage of this flexibility lies in several key points:

  • Recovery speed:

The fact that the flex spinner has two large paddles and flexible frames, allows it to come into action even at very low speed, which can make a big difference especially when the water is cold and the fish a little more lazy.

  • Better bite the fish …

The flexibility of the frame and the quality hook that make up the flex spinner allow the fish to bite themselves better, in fact when they completely “enclose” the lure, it bends and the hook therefore has no harm. to fit properly in the fish’s mouth.


in linear


lake, river


Bass, Catfish, Perch, Pike

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  • … And less lost them!

    Once properly hook up, the fish will not be able to push on the lure as it could with a classic spinnerbait.

  • Avoid hook :

    The spinners being lures created initially for fishing in seagrass, the flex spinner once again pulls out of the game in this kind of situation since it bends when you pull on it with its rod, which allows easy passage. through seagrass beds and easily unhook it.

  • A fixed ring:

    Unlike many classic spinners, the flex spinner has a fixed eyelet on which your line can be fixed, by means of a staple for example, which prevents it from sliding along the frame, avoiding untimely tangles.