130 mm X 185 mm X 34 mm hauteur


Special Surface jerking chest composition:






– 3 Jig heads Glider shad 10gr

-2 Jig heads Glider shad 15gr

-3 Jig heads Winner shad 10gr

-2 Jig heads Winner shad 15gr

–  Glider shad 13cm of different colours

–  Glider shad 11cm of different colours

–  Winner shad 13cm of different colours

-Tribass 12.5cm of different colours

-Swimmer shad 10.5cm of different colours


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King Box's composition (ref: 04005): 2 JH promo 3gr, 1 JH promo 5gr,  2 JH promo 7gr, 3 king +10cm, 3 king +8cm, 16 king +6cm, 1 empty box
A wide range of buster shad in this package. Composition of the buster shad kit : 1 double hook 1  agrafe head 7gr 1 JH pro H6/0 10gr 1 JH pro H6/0 12gr 1 JH pro H4/0 10GR 1 JH pro H4/0 7gr 2 Small Rattle 2 Big Rattle 7 Buster shad 11cm 4 Buster…