KIT NEW 2017

95 mm X 163 mm X 25 mm hauteur

Here is our special kit with the new products of 2017. Discover the range of new lures, new colors and new sizes. 

Kit composition : 1 néo shad pre-rigged – 7cm | 1 swat shad pre-rigged – 7cm |  3 baby buster shad – 7cm | 4 baby buster shad – 5cm |  4 skeleton – 5cm | 3 round micro jig head  | 2 micro drop jig head

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  Details of the Pyramidal Lead Kit ref 090001:      -5 pyramidal lead 12gr -5 pyramidal leads 9.5gr -10 swivels with snap n°2 -30gr of split shot 3/0 -10 colored sheathing -10 pearly beads -10 triple hooks -10 plioirs      
Nowadays soft lures are playing an increasingly important role in salmonid fishing , sometimes even making the shade with swimming fish  the trout are accustomed to see it under their noses. This article will be a  description for Trout lures  available in this kit and conditions in which to use them. Composition of the kit…