Kit Skeleton

Here it is, it is here, The Skeleton Box is finally available !!!

Composition: 6 Skeleton 5.5cm, 5 Skeleton 8cm, 4 Skeleton 11cm, 2 leaded heads Pro 5g H4 / 0 2, head leaded pickups 3gr & 5gr.
A practical box that combines three sizes of skeleton in the same box, whether in “finesse”, “light” or “medium” you will find the lure and the leaded head that corresponds to your technique. The “Skeleton” a versatile lure, all terrain, whether in “linear”, “vertical” or for “scratching peach”, this lure will satisfy you in all situations. Redoubtable also in “Drop Shot” or “Trailer Jig” do not hesitate to use it. Useful, complete your box with your favorite colors available in bulk or blister.

Tip: The little extra that often makes the difference, use Skeleton 5.5cm and 8cm in Teaser, guaranteed success.

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