The Chabot Curly rigged

The Chabot Curly is the brand new Grub lure from the Delalande range! But how it will be different and revolutionary compared to other grubs in the catalogue, including the inevitable Sandra. This little Chabot Curly will bring a new vibration much tighter than the sandra which has a larger swim. It will be extremely effective in linear recovery on trout and perch but should not leave other predators indifferent. It is available in both classic and assembled versions. 


Category: Rigged Sofbait

Type: Grub / Comma

Type of fishing: Linear / scratch-off / vertical

Type of fish: Perch, Pike, Pike perch, Trout, Bass, Aspe, Chub, Seabass…

Fishing Location: Lakes / Ponds / River / River and Sea

Size / Weight: 5cm/ 5gr | 7cm/9gr  

Packaging : Bulk or Blister by unit

Colors :

The Curly sculpin is available in 6 colours:

   A majority of natural colours as well as an all-white and the essential Fire-tiger (UV) for a versatile range!

Guides and features

The Chabot Curly looks like a mix between two very effective lures from the Delalande range: The Chabot and the Sandra.

The Chabot Curly has the body of its cousin the Chabot, hyper realistic and resistant. The Chabot, created to swim in the currents, has a Grub tail here, but very different from that of the Sandra. Indeed its action is not the same, the tail of the Curly will create a very tight rotation like a propeller which will generate much faster vibrations and therefore a very different signal. 

Leaded head:

The lead head of the Chabot curly is the same as that of the Chabot, a very realistic lead head with red eyes to increase the aggressive signal of your lure and perfectly adapted for a unique swim! It will allow you to develop your lure with precision on the bottom. Equipped with an ultra sharp and well positioned hook, this leaded head will ensure you don’t miss your hits. The risk of dropping fish will be low!

Despite the small size of the lure, the strength of the hook will allow you to bring out beautiful pike that are also very interested in this lure.

The 5 and 9 g lead weights are designed to allow you to fish flush with the bottom in various conditions.


This lure is primarily designed for linear fishing, a simple reel handle and its tail is activated. All you have to do is throw and bring back +/- gently according to your will and let the lure work alone, the signals sent by its fast propeller movement will quickly get the fish out of their torpor.

Vertically, the lure is also very effective because few movements are necessary to put its tail into action. All you need is a few shots of scions or a few gentle ascents and descents to see it.

To scratch, it is also very interesting because between each break, it emits many vibrations that attract predators to this young prey dying on the bottom.

The Chabot Curly has the new material

This Grub benefits from the new exclusive Delalande material.  A manufacturing secret for more than 30 years, this material has evolved over the years and techniques to combine strength, flexibility and attractiveness with this new compound based on fish and shellfish extracts. Our attractant is part of the material and is therefore injected into the lure, allowing it to remain attractive throughout its life. 

The + Delalande: 

To be tested urgently in open water in linear form in rivers or canals, do not hesitate to test it at sea, Seabass, Mackerel and even Flatfish are already victims! This lure will surprise you with many surprises about the nature of the species at the end of the line…

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