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As you may have noticed in recent years, the new Delalande lures are becoming more and more realistic in order to fool the most suspicious predators!

With lure fishing becoming more and more popular and effective, with a wide range of lures on the market, fish no longer trigger themselves only on vibrations but also use their sight to control prey before launching attacks. Our teams of fishermen had to work on this new small shad in the shape of a very realistic and very effective sculpin.

A hyper look version 2.0

This beautiful water drop Shad has many realistic details like lips, 3D eyes, and pectoral, pelvic, dorsal fins, characteristic of sculpins, making it irresistible even when placed on the bottom.

Caudal with thin section

At the caudal level, we find some similarities with the caudal of the Neo Shad. This thin section tail on small lures, allows to emit many vibrations on the back of the lure while giving a small rolling to the whole, making it attractive on trout and perch.

New paddle adapted

On the Chabot Shad, you will discover a brand new type of paddle entirely designed by our fishermen to produce THE right vibration and trigger the magnificent trout records. This oval paddle positioned at 90° is very thin to give maximum vibration. The front of the paddle is curved allowing to channel the water circulation, and to set in motion the lure on animations even very slow and close to the bottom.

* This lure has the new matter

This shad benefits from the exclusive Delalande material with attractant. A manufacturing secret for more than 30 years, this material evolves over the years and techniques to combine strength, flexibility and attractiveness with this new compound based on fish and shellfish extracts. Our attractant is part of the material and is therefore injected into the lure, allowing it to remain attractive throughout its life. Despite the fact that the Sculpin falls into the category of small lures, the material will resist the assaults of different predators without deteriorating prematurely, even after the repetitive touches of small predators.

Sold assembled, ready to fish

Major innovation in the Delalande range, you will find the Chabot either :
– in a mounted version ready to fish, each of the two sizes of the lure is delivered with its leaded head at the weight scrupulously chosen to make the sculpin swim to perfection.
– in classic version, allowing you to mount it as you wish with standard leaded heads from the range.

In order to offer this lure at a very competitive price, you will find it individually in our various bulk displays, but also in blister packs on the shelves of your specialty stores.

Leaded heads adapted on the mounted version

This lure has been developed directly with its leaded heads perfectly adapted for a unique swim! It will allow you to develop your lure with precision on the bottom.

“Thought by fishermen for fishermen” are always the key words in the realization of our lures. You will therefore have a perfect swim of your lure regardless of the size used. Equipped with an ultra sharp hook and well positioned, this leaded head will not allow you to miss your keys. The risk of stalling fish will be low!

An important choice of colours.

The Sculpin is available in a brand new range of colours suitable for freshwater fishing. You will thus have the choice among 7 colors including 3 new colors 2018!

Tip from the Team :

As for animations and uses, the sculpin with its two assemblies (mounted and raw) will allow you to be efficient in all situations. In mounted version it is very effective in rivers and lakes on linear animations, but we also had many results in classic version on drop and hoofed heads, close to the bottom. The use of this lure at sea at the beginning of the season  will surprise you on Seabass…

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