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12 cm| 14 cm

With its round head and body, the DJ Line is weapon of linear fishing!  
The massive paddle tail displaces plenty of water and gives the lure a great rolling action.

The DJ Line can be fished in thickly vegetated water when equipped with a weedless Texan or Carolina hook.

The DJ Line has two wide channels: the dorsal channel on the top to protect the hook from snagging, and the belly channel at the bottom, which allows the hook to protrude when the fish strikes.  The two channels also provide an excellent site for scent application.

There are two small holes in the channels designed to accommodate the hook, which can then move easily through the lure.  This hole can also be used to attach a stinger hook, which has the ability to greatly enhance hook-up rates. The DJ Line’s large, prominent eyes and ridges on the flanks produce an enhanced visual appeal.  The ridges also improve the hydrodynamics of the lure generating a very smooth swimming action.

The DJ line works best when mounted with the Jig Head Pro© or Football.



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