5cm | 7.5cm

Drop shot fishing has the advantage of being able to carry out deep fishing with very small lures, or to make fine fishing on recalcitrant fish with lures. The drop shot will allow you to fish with a 20 to 50cm take off lure. You have to work the lure by small impulses on the spot or by slow returns at different depth levels without taking the lead off the bottom. You then obtain an unstoppable technique for the not very active predators because the fish feels almost no resistance during the engamming.

The Drop Shad, has been specially designed for this type of fishing and fishing finesse.
Its 3 notches at the ¾ of the lure and its very fine tail emit irresistible vibrations during the impulses. The Drop Shot weights are available in long form to fit in crowded places and in classic round form.

Our Japanese quality Drop Hooks offer exceptional spiciness!

The + Delalande:

– Drop shad 5 cm: hooks H6 and H4 in TP Pro and H6, H4, H2 in TP Micro.
– Drop shad 7.5 cm : hooks H4, H1, H2/0 in TP Pro and H4, H2, H1/0, H2/0, H3/0 in TP Micro
It also works very well in teaser 

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