nouveaux coloris


The ZX sandeel is available in several sizes from 7 to 23cm:

It can be used as a teaser or directly on a lead head for different sea or river fishing.
His elongated body and small size will be an asset on bar hunts. It can be used as a teaser in front of a larger soft lure, jig or hard lure (surface or diving) to give the impression of hunting, which sometimes triggers difficult fish. It is a fish magnet and can be used to touch almost any species!

However, it is very effective on its own, especially in fresh water on perch (small sizes) or in large sizes on bars and places.

3 new colours are available in 2019, the Bright Cloud, the Glitter Blue and the Gold Glitter.




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The Super Nageur has a larger twisted tail than the King that allows it to have a more amplified action. If you want a lure that will cause a commotion, and has the potential to entice more predators, look no further!  
Perfect with pyramidal lead, the Delalande Octopus are of very high quality. They are available in 4cm, 6cm et 9cm and offer a choice of 16 colours according to the sizes. 3 NEW COLOURS : coca cola, fire tiger et blue and black