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One of the most realistic sand eels on the market, the Lancon ZX is a true utility lure that performs well in multiple angling techniques.



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Pourriez vous me suggérer quel leurs serait le plus adapté à la pêche au turbot dans le bassin d’Arcachon svp?

L’imitation aux lançons serait excellent, il y aurait il autre chose qui fonctionne bien svp?

bonne journée,
Nicolas Lopes


    Bonjour Nicolas, Je ne pratique pas trop la pêche du turbot > mais tu peux consulter/demander à Fabien Tynilla qui la pratique voici le lien vers sa chaine Youtube : – A très bientôt, Yoann

The king 3cm is very appreciated on the side of Martinique and Reunion Island, it is used on a machine-gun type assembly to fish mackerel, the small carangue, the rougette... This lure can be used in street fishing for the perch and the chub, but also at sea for all rock fish. It exists in…
As you may have noticed in recent years, the new Delalande lures are becoming more and more realistic in order to fool the most suspicious predators! With lure fishing becoming more and more popular and effective, with a wide range of lures on the market, fish no longer trigger themselves only on vibrations but also…