9 cm

The Crazy Craw; an innovative lure that offers remarkable resemblance to that of a crayfish or yabbie! It has two, small fins on the tail, which add balance to its action. The Crazy Craw is designed with ribs that provide a perfect holding-surface for the application of scents. Its ridges provide more speed-potential in the water, while its six small, flexible legs vibrate when it swims to attract aggressive responses from predators. The large, flexible legs move with even the slightest rod-tip action. The Crazy Craw is the ideal lure to fish on the bottom with a hopping action, or in thick vegetation.

We recommend using the Crazy Craw in Texan and Carolina configurations, and also mounted on a Sabot Jig Head.



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le Crazy Craw c’est super car j’ai pris un black basse de 46cm avec

jessy gas keo

Un bon leurre pratique et efficace en rockfishing avec une nage bien marquée

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