7,5 cm

The crazy frog, is a lure with a reinforced double tail and which ends in paddles for a very frenetic swim. In jerk and in shelf, this small frog overflows with vitality and will be able to convince you of its effectiveness. Ideal above beds, near borders or on the surface like a buzzer. This little decoy makes bubbles on the surface that provoke frenetic attacks from predators!
Recommended in Texan, Carolina, weightless or round head.
We advise you to use this flexible lure for river fishing.

Small + Delalande :

– H1, H2/0 hook on a Pro leaded head
– Hook H2, H1/0, H2/0, H3/0 on a micro TP

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The Buster Shad represents a unique Delalande design, with some incredible and innovative features! Its body has a tightened segment at the middle of the lure providing extra flexibility when it swims.  The Buster Shad’s specially designed paddle tail has a small, antenna tail-segment that ‘wags’ in irresistible fashion even with the slightest of movements. Small,…
King + is an evolution of the king ! it is simply more fat for US standard size. Available in two sizes (8 and 10 cm), this comma is wonderful to hunt predators on fresh and salt water.