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The little brother of the GT Shad has already developed quite the reputation! The Fury Shad, for all intents and purpose, is a GT Shad, but with two paddles for enhanced vibration and amazing flexibility that allows you to fish more slowly than with its predecessor.  Its aspect, design and uniquely animated swim imitates a small fish perfectly.

The Fury Shad’s smooth shape has a mirror-like finish that magnifies the flash-effect of refracted natural light; an eye-catching feature!

Exciting, new pearly-pigments intensify the reflection of light, while still maintaining the lure’s transparency.

The Fury Shad is made for all kinds of fisherman, and all kinds of fishing! It can be mounted in Texan or on a jig head, and can be used in linear methods of fishing, with a twitch-action, or in jigging applications; it truly is an all-purpose lure!

The Fury Shad is the perfect lure for fast fishing under the surface due to its wobbling action that effortlessly allows quick acceleration or deceleration.

The Fury Shad has massive potential, and is a real ‘confidence’ lure that definitely deserves a place in your tackle box!

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The Buster Shad represents a unique Delalande design, with some incredible and innovative features! Its body has a tightened segment at the middle of the lure providing extra flexibility when it swims.  The Buster Shad’s specially designed paddle tail has a small, antenna tail-segment that ‘wags’ in irresistible fashion even with the slightest of movements. Small,…
King + is an evolution of the king ! it is simply more fat for US standard size. Available in two sizes (8 and 10 cm), this comma is wonderful to hunt predators on fresh and salt water.