8 cm

The Shadka is an elongated, round lure that has an amazing roll.

The lure’s simple and traditional design is well-adapted to sea fishing and a worthy exponent for many professional anglers; the Shadka really does even the playing field for fisherman of all skill-levels.

The Shadka’s new colour range includes proven designs for all imaginable ocean conditions and predatorial targets!



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The king 3cm is very appreciated on the side of Martinique and Reunion Island, it is used on a machine-gun type assembly to fish mackerel, the small carangue, the rougette... This lure can be used in street fishing for the perch and the chub, but also at sea for all rock fish. It exists in…
Perfect with pyramidal lead, the Delalande Octopus are of very high quality. They are available in 4cm, 6cm et 9cm and offer a choice of 16 colours according to the sizes. 3 NEW COLOURS : coca cola, fire tiger et blue and black