7 cm

The Squid is a soft lure that has the appearance of an octopus. It is great for cast-and-retrieve fishing in the ocean, as well as for drop shot fishing. The Squid’s colours and unique size further enhance its suitability to the suggested fishing applications. A great ally can be found in the Squid when attracting predators under boats and even in deep water fishing. 



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The Shadka is an elongated, round lure that has an amazing roll. The lure’s simple and traditional design is well-adapted to sea fishing and a worthy exponent for many professional anglers; the Shadka really does even the playing field for fisherman of all skill-levels. The Shadka’s new colour range includes proven designs for all imaginable…
Introducing The King AKA the Twister! This lure is a classic that can be found in any fisherman’s tackle box-it was our first lure on the market, and represents a reliable option that has been catching a wide variety of fish through myriad techniques.