6 cm

This lure with strong vibrations is composed of a beater mounted on a string of balls which provides a strong mobility, even on small animations and gives a slow descent of the lure thanks to the two wings. When you know that most of the hits are made on the way down, you can imagine what this “lure of the streets” will cause mounted on our ultra-pungent Macadam heads on a micro football head in throwing/pulling or on a hoofed lead head in vertical fishing ! Also to test in drop-shot. The + Delalande:

– To test absolutely with the Micro Leaded Heads Macadam Fishing in version Sabot Hook of 2, 3 or 4 grams according to your desires!
– And you also advise to mount it on leaded micro heads in H6, H4 or H2.


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The Super Nageur has a larger twisted tail than the King that allows it to have a more amplified action. If you want a lure that will cause a commotion, and has the potential to entice more predators, look no further!  
This small lure developed especially for fishing trout and small predators. This shad round body has a small paddle mounted on a thin tail that gives a strong move to the back of the lure imitating a small fish swimming fleeing but also to issue predators trigger vibrations. The big feature of Baby Conqueror, is…