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Sandra (PR)

9cm (7g) | 12cm (10g)

It is the last Delalande innovation: the pre-rigged Sandra!

This lure well known in the entire world had known major evolutions.

An internal jig head available in two weights: 7gr for the 9 cm and 10gr for the 12 cm; like that the lure is perfectly balance to glide. One of the biggest advantages of the internal jig head is to move the gravity center and give the lure a great rolling.

The pre-rigged Sandra has a small spiky triple hook attached under it that allow to catch fish even the one with a hard mouth like the zander. We added a signal eye to make it more real and attract the predators. The lure itself is untouched to not alter its authenticity: a triangular body, the attribute of the shad and its tail in sickle shape. Its tail gives it a great swim, makes loud low frequency vibrations and gives the impression of a double tail.

The Sandra moves when you slowly roll back.

In 2019, the Sandra Monté range is extended with new colours:


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Choisy Emilien


Je suis à la recherche de Sandra 23 cm et je ne trouve pas mon bonheur en terme de couleur, je recherche du dorée/dos noir.
Auriez vous un vendeur en ligne qui dispose de ce modèle ?
Est-il possible d’être sponsorisé par delalande ? Je pêche principalement le gros brochet et silure dans les ardennes en meuse.

Bien à vous,

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