Lézard Salé

13 cm

A slender body, 4 legs and a tail, 5 parts in perpetual motion, it is perfect on a Texan rig or a Carolina. We don’t know why but this reptile is the favourite prey of the bass in spring all over the world.

Ref 06170 available in purple glitter and pearl with black.

Size: 11cm

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This small lure developed especially for fishing trout and small predators. This shad round body has a small paddle mounted on a thin tail that gives a strong move to the back of the lure imitating a small fish swimming fleeing but also to issue predators trigger vibrations. The big feature of Baby Conqueror, is…
The Super Nageur has a larger twisted tail than the King that allows it to have a more amplified action. If you want a lure that will cause a commotion, and has the potential to entice more predators, look no further!