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14cm | 18cm

Guides and features :

You will find in this lure a whole new kind of Shad that will allow you to be very effective on very slow fisheries, with simplicity ! This lure is the result of research with Mediterranean fishermen to meet the very specific need of Barracuda fishing which likes slow lures, without great vibration, and brought back in linear without particular action.

A hyper realistic look for an idle swim

So you have here a long-line lure that looks like a small pike or barracuda, hence its name Sea Pike. We know that these fish are cannibals among themselves and therefore offering them a “small” lure similar to them can make the difference. This Shad has small striations on its sides giving an aspect of scales, but especially giving it multidirectional shards in animation.

Additional fins

You will find in this Shad three small fins, two above and one below. These small pins are used to stabilize the lure and “bridle” the natural rolling of the lure, allowing it to oscillate slightly at low speed and cause low frequencies that trigger predators.

Caudal with thin section

Let’s now review the propulsion section of the SeaPike. The three back quarters of the lure are drastically reduced, going from a long line shad to a very thin section resembling the Skeleton. The grooves give matter to the caudal in order to generate a small rolling in spite of its smoothness.

Typical Japanese Paddle

The SeaPike is equipped with a brand new paddle in the Delalande range which is typed “Japanese”. With its round and very thin section, this type of paddle has been tried and tested for many years and allows you to work your lure at low speed. Coupled to the thin section of the lure, this paddle brings on the SeaPike sufficient rolling to give good vibrations in slow recovery.

The SeaPike has the new material

This shad benefits from the new exclusive Delalande material. A manufacturing secret for more than 30 years, this material evolves over the years and techniques to combine strength, flexibility and attractiveness with this new compound based on fish and shellfish extracts. Our attractant is part of the material and is therefore injected into the lure, allowing it to remain attractive throughout its life. Despite the finesse of the Sea Pike’s tail, it will withstand the assaults of various predators without deteriorating prematurely, especially on pike and barracuda.

Adapted leaded heads

This lure was developed directly with its leaded heads perfectly adapted for its unique swim! Your lure will swim just below the surface of the water in slow recovery, making it very attractive. “Thought by fishermen for fishermen” are always the key words in the realization of our lures. You will therefore have a perfect swim of your lure regardless of the size used. This lure is sold by the unit already mounted on its own leaded head, armed with a strong iron hook reinforced and ultra sharp. This leaded head will resist corrosion and the most combative of predators. The risk of fish dropping out will be low!

An important choice of colors and suitable for saltwater fishing

The SeaPike is available with the new range of colours suitable for sea and freshwater fishing. You will thus have the choice among 7 colors including 4 new colors 2018!

Sold assembled, ready to fish

In order to offer this lure at a very competitive price, you will find it individually mounted with its leaded head in our various bulk displays, but also individually blistered in the shelves of your specialty stores.

Tips from the Team :

On the animation side, this lure has been specially designed to fish in linen just on the surface, because of its density and light weight. We therefore advise you, once your lure has pierced the surface of the water during the throws, to begin the slow recovery. It will be an ally of choice above the herbaria for the Pike hunt. Our tests were also very conclusive on very slow peaches above the bottom for Zander or Pollacks. A “must have” on slow fishing !


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Félicien Badot

Le sea pike monté pèse combien (leurre et tete plombée)?


    Bonjour, alors le 14cm est monté sur une TP 7g et le corps fait 12,5g et le 18cm est monté sur une TP de 14g et le corps fait 26,32g

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