Speed Factor 11cm I 13cm

The Speed Factor is the brand new latest generation shad with an increasingly realistic design! This high vibration shad has been developed and validated with the help of many freshwater fishermen throughout France to seduce all predators.

We wanted to develop a lure that was ready to fish in a very versatile way. It is also intended for beginner fishermen who will familiarize themselves with this Shad on “vertical”, linear or scratching the bottom with small animations. But it will also be perfectly suitable for more experienced fishermen on “traction” type fisheries.

The unassembled version, which is oriented towards fresh water, allows you to attach any type of head or assembly depending on the situation, so you can use this lure in any situation.

Category: Soft lures

Type: Shad

Type of fishing: Vertical – Scratchable – Traction

Type of fish: Pike, Pike perch, Black bass, Perch, Catfish

Fishing Location: Freshwater

Packaging : Bulk or Blister (11cm by 4; 13cm by 3)

Sizes : 11 and 13cm

Weight of the lure: 13g (for 90mm) and 19g (for 110mm)  

Colors :

The unassembled Speedfactor is available in 6 different and unique colours, specially designed for fresh water.

A majority of natural colours but also more visible colours such as Red Head White, Mojito or fire-tiger to compensate for all conditions.

3 UV colours are available, allowing better visibility by fish, especially in case of tinted water or semi-darkness.


Guides and features

You will find in this lure a brand new kind of Shad that will allow you to be very effective on very slow fishing with simplicity!

* A very realistic look for a slow swim 

You will find in this Shad three small fins, two above and one below. These small pins will be used to stabilize the lure and “restrain” the lure’s natural rolling, allowing it to oscillate slightly at low speed and cause low frequencies that trigger predators. 

The SPEEDFACTOR has the new material

This shad benefits from the new exclusive Delalande material.  A manufacturing secret for more than 30 years, this material has evolved over the years and techniques to combine strength, flexibility and attractiveness with this new compound based on fish and shellfish extracts. Our attractant is part of the material and is therefore injected into the lure, allowing it to remain attractive throughout its life. 

You can use it in any way you want

  • Mounted on a wooden head with a shoe for vertical installation
  • With a round or oval boulboule head with triple hook(s) for linear
  • A pro flex leaded head can be mounted to add a pallet to seduce fish from afar       The advantage of this unassembled lure is that you can vary the shape and weight of your leaded heads and your fixtures to suit each situation.

Its average size will surprise you by the extent of the species you will catch!


The SPEEDFACTOR is also available in a more Sea-oriented mounted version.

* Sold ready to assemble according to your needs and the configuration of your spots.


This very versatile lure will swim in all situations, no matter what the leaden or the shape of the leaded head, its large paddle will work even at low speed and trigger its formidable vibrations.

This lure swims very well in line, works vertically or scratching but you can also make it work in traction like any good shad, it will allow you to swim as much on the way up as on the way down.

Finally, when used to scrape at the bottom, its action at low speed makes the difference and will make the most sleepy fish react.

The Speedfactor stands out from the classic shads in terms of its neat finish and behaviour. A formidable lure to be tested urgently, it will make the difference even on difficult fish.

The Delalande + :

Adapt your leaded to your spot and let yourself be tempted by a linear near the bottom you will not be disappointed!

New in 2019 already more than appreciated by the whole team!





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ou et comment acheter votre dernier leurre speed factor qui est plus vrai que nature ?

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