9 cm

The Super Nageur has a larger twisted tail than the King that allows it to have a more amplified action. If you want a lure that will cause a commotion, and has the potential to entice more predators, look no further!



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Drop shot fishing has the advantage of being able to carry out deep fishing with very small lures, or to make fine fishing on recalcitrant fish with lures. The drop shot will allow you to fish with a 20 to 50cm take off lure. You have to work the lure by small impulses on the…
With its round head and body, the DJ Line is weapon of linear fishing!   The massive paddle tail displaces plenty of water and gives the lure a great rolling action. The DJ Line can be fished in thickly vegetated water when equipped with a weedless Texan or Carolina hook. The DJ Line has two wide…