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7 cm

Lançon ZX 7 cm is used in teaser for different fisheries in the sea or river. Its elongated body and small size will be an asset on Bar hunts.

It can be used in front of a teaser biggest soft bait to give an impression of hunting, but it can also be used alone.



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Superbe produit que j’utilise souvent

The king 3cm is very appreciated on the side of Martinique and Reunion Island, it is used on a machine-gun type assembly to fish mackerel, the small carangue, the rougette... This lure can be used in street fishing for the perch and the chub, but also at sea for all rock fish. It exists in…
This worm imitation lure is a more realistic take on the popular Spaghetti. It can be used with a wacky, erratic retrieve to target Black Bass or in drop shot configuration for a more delicate and finesse approach for those educated fish in pressured waterways.