These rigs have been conceived for fishing in the Atlantic. The rigs are composed of  : – a line body of 3 or 4 possibles positions.5 leader line rigged on a rotary split bead , which can be fixed directly on the line body by a clips. Once the line body connected, for the 4 positions rigs, you can put 3 hooks according to the position wanted:

Or you can put the last leader line just near the lead:

The advantage of this system is that even if your line broke , you have just to clip off the rotary bead and change for another leader line which economic and fast.

>Strong stream rig “3×50”

Line body: 35/100 Quick snap n°7 Hook n°1 5 leader line:  30/100 45cm by leader line Ref: 17400

>Weak stream rig “4×40”

Line Body: 35/100 Quick Snap n°7 Hooks n°2 5 leader line: fil 30/100 35cm by leader line Ref: 17500

>Nil Stream Rig “4×30”

Body line: 35/100 Quick snap n°7 Hooks n°3 5 leader line: fil 30/100 20cm by leader line Ref: 17600

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