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13cm (10g, 20g, 30g) | 18cm (40g, 60g, 80g, 100g)

The swimming of this slug is surprising! Indeed, we worked closely with our team of sea fishermen on a combination of fundamental points to develop this lure: matter, shape and hydrodynamics.

The look has been specially worked to try to get as close as possible to the food of predators sought at sea such as sand lance or orphy. The body of this lure has many streaks giving a visual aspect of movement to predatory fish but this will also allow to contain attractant.

The exclusive swimming of this lure is above all provided by its shape: a very slender oval body that will allow during the animations to be put into action by oscillating over the entire length of the lure. In addition, thanks to the two large fins (dorsal and annal) it will by hydrodynamic effect give it a wriggling swim like a sandeel or an orphy hunted by a predator.

A micro paddle + appendix
In order to amplify this unique swim, we have added to this lure a stepped micro paddle associated with a small appendix. This Slug / Shad mix allows to obtain a small rolling effect of the back part of the lure even on slow animations. So you have in your hands a lure with a tight swim along the entire length of the lure and a frenetic movement of the tail on fast animations such as on fly fishing and traction fishing. But you will also be able to animate your lure close to the bottom in a minimalist way in order to simply activate the paddle and the small appendix for hyper attractive micro-vibrations.

A reworked material
This lure benefits from the new exclusive Delalande material with attractant. A manufacturing secret for more than 30 years, this material has evolved over the years and techniques to combine strength, flexibility and attractiveness with this new compound based on fish and shellfish extract. Our attractant is part of the material and is therefore injected into the lure allowing it to remain attractive throughout its life. This very attractive lure will therefore resist the assaults of the various predators without deteriorating prematurely! The flexibility and resistance of this slug will really surprise you.

Location in Rattles
To make it even more attractive, this slug has an original integrated glass rattle and a second location to place a second rattle. The ball glass rattle will emit sounds/clicks that spread much faster in the water. This is to attract predators from afar. If you wish to remove or replace the rattles, simply remove them from their locations without risk of damaging the lure. The rattles are cylinder-shaped with edges that fit perfectly into their housings.

Adapted Jigheads
This lure has been developed in perfect harmony with the choice of leaded heads! Thought by fishermen for fishermen was the key word in the realization of this lure. You will therefore have a perfect swim of your lure regardless of the size and weight used. This lure is sold by the unit already mounted on its own leaded head. Equipped with a strong, reinforced and ultra-spicy iron short hook. This leaded head will resist corrosion and the most combative of predators. The risk of dropping fish will be low!

Weight: 10, 20, 30, 40 ,60 ,80 and 100gr

An important choice of colours suitable for sea fishing
We have developed a brand new range of colours completely adapted to sea fishing. You will therefore have a choice of 7 colours, including 2 new ones! Japan Pink Rose, translucent, as well as Galactic Black, a very natural colour with a black back and transparent belly.


Sold up, ready to fish
In order to offer this lure at a very competitive price, you will find it individually mounted with its leaded head in our various bulk displays but also in blister packs individually on the shelves of your specialist stores.

The + Delalande:
What makes this new slug different from the others? Simply with a new unique vibration! A wriggling slug swim combined with a small paddle that will give a very attractive tail movement for the most difficult fish such as Dentex, Pagrus or Seabass.

Tip from the Team:
As for entertainment, we recommend that you use this lure both in a boat on fly fishing with the 13cm model or in traction with the 18cm model. Do not hesitate either to use this lure on the peaches on the edge especially with the 13cm on peaches called to scratch or in simple linear recovery. A “must have” on sea fishing!


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    Bonjour Eric, oui nous ne vendons pas en direct, il faut consulter notre réseau de distribution dans la rubrique : “Points de vente” de notre site.


Bonjour, je viens de découvrir vos leurres…. Bravo! Ma question est la suivante, je peche uniquement
Le Loup au Maroc,mais dans des grosses vagues de 3-4 mètres +du courant…. et a une frofondeur de 4-5 mètres,quelle type de leurre me
Conseillez vous? Et quel grammage? S.V.P, merçi pour votre réponse, Mr Fezia maurice.


    Bonjour, merci beaucoup ! Pour les loups dans les vagues n’hésite pas à charger un peu en têtes plombées entre 20 et 60g par tempêtes. Le Fire eel est pas mal en finess/shad mais aussi le Swat Shad est tout indiqué pour votre pêche. Yoann

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Guides and features : As you may have noticed in recent years, the new lures in the Delalande range are becoming more and more realistic in order to fool the most suspicious predators! As lure fishing becomes more and more popular and efficient, with a wide range of lures on the market, fish no longer…