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13cm (10g, 20g, 30g) | 18cm (40g, 60g, 80g)

The Fire EEL is the new slug in Delalande range. It looks like a garfish (dear to the Mediterranean predators) or an eel (preferred food of Atlantic predators). Due to his unique design, waggle swimming is pretty new on the market! This slender lure has been specially designed to delight all marine predators in difficult area like, seabass, dentex, snappers, groupers, amberjacks, and all pelagic fishes, … The swimming of this slug is amazing ! Indeed, we worked very closely with our team of anglers on a combination of fundamental points in order to develop this lure: the material, shape and hydrodynamics. The look was specially designed in order to try to be very closer to sea food as sandeel or garfish. The body of this lure has many streaks giving a visual movement from predatory fishes. This new softbait contain the new Delalande attractant rubber.

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