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The swim of this lure is simply amazing! Indeed, you will find in this lure many hours of work in design and hydrodynamic study to give it a swim really close to small forage fish.

This rather stocky oval lure gives it a pronounced rolling by default. We brought him many pronounced streaks on his sides in order to come to accommodate the attractant but especially to amplify the turbulences at the time of his swimming for even more vibrations.

An aberdeen hook concept

The body of this shad is entirely cut inside from below in order to accommodate an aberdeen hook which will be perfectly housed and will come out in a groove adapted allowing to optimize the fitting and not to miss fish. You can also easily pass over a Texas mount by simply replacing the hook that will fit into the groove and allow you to pass through congested areas.

Adapted leaded heads

This new lure has been designed with a lead head perfectly adapted for the Neo Shad to perfectly fit against the body of the Shad and creates a hyper realistic set to come to fool predators. This new articulated lead head will therefore not restrict the natural swimming of the lure.

A single paddle with double caudal glued

Let’s move on to this new paddle “made in Delalande” which will make this lure a UNIQUE lure! This big heart-shaped paddle that ends a thin tail will give pronounced turbulence that will literally make this lure waddle like a fodder fish fleeing. This double paddle will move almost at a standstill and make your lure swim even on a very minimalist animation. This will necessarily delight the fishermen of pikeperch or blank bass.

A reworked material with attractant

This lure benefits from the new exclusive Delalande material with attractant. A manufacturing secret for more than 30 years, this material evolves over the years and techniques to combine strength, flexibility and attractiveness with this new compound based on fish and shellfish extract. Our attractant is part of the material and is therefore injected into the lure allowing it to remain attractive throughout its life. This very attractive lure will thus resist the assaults of the various predators without deteriorating prematurely ! The flexibility and resistance of this lure will really surprise you.

An important choice of colors and suitable for fresh water and sea fishing

We have developed a brand new range of colours completely adapted to freshwater and marine fishing. You will therefore have a choice of 10 colours, including 2 new ones! The already very famous Mojito and the superb blue color: Dark Night.

Sold up, ready to fish

In order to offer this lure at a very competitive price, you will find it per unit, mounted with its leaded head in our various bulk displays but also in blister packs per unit on the shelves of your specialty stores.

The + Delalande:

What sets this new Shad apart is its unique swim! This brand new hyper attractive swim will give a lot of vibration to your lure and trigger attacks from the most suspicious predators like trout or pike perch.

Tip from the Team :

As for animation, we advise you to use this lure in a very slow line. Do not hesitate to slow down your lure to the maximum at the stall limit. You’ll see he swims very slowly. You can also use it in powerfishing it will not pick up either. But where it will find itself formidable it is on fishing in vertical boat for the pike-perch for example or in traction for the fishing of marine predators.

An essential decoy for  freshwater and saltwater !


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michel gambelli

ou peut on acheter des leurres neo shads non montes en 13 cm ? merci


J’ai acheté un coffret de leurre delande à decathlon
Il y a quelques néo shad dedans mais pas les tête plombé ni les amecon texan pour pêcher avec je n arrive pas en trouver dans les magasins

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