Nickled Worm Lead

5 gr | 10 gr | 15 gr

Bullets for every Texan fixtures, fishing or fly scratch .

Its shape will you spend in congested areas or loaded . Its bright colors make it naturally more attractive. A suitable weight next sector.

Balle rouge

Nickel-plated bullet pierced – Red

balle noire

Nickel-plated bullet pierced – Red

One can hardly speak of the Black Bass fishing without mentioning the mounting “Carolina ” Installation consists of a ” lead bullet ” and a hook Texan to introduce and keep luring funds or bulky safe but not only.

Whether for Sea shore or boat in the rocks, armed with a Lancon or Trishad mounted texan, prospecting funds or stolen. Also for fisheries fund river and river, a lead ball , soft ball , a Texan or a single hook armed drop shot on a King, a Sandra, or even a Glider Crazy Craw everything is allowed, and will zander , pike , perch and black bass and even catfish that come succumb to your installation .

Ref Sachet Ref blister Gr
102605 12605 5
102605R 012605R 5
102605N 012605N 5
102610 12610 10
102610R 012610R 10
102610N 012610N 10
102615 12615 15
102615R 012615R 15
102615N 012615N



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