10 gr | 14 gr | 21 gr

 Thanks to the great flexibility of its frame, the Spinner Flex always keeps a perfect balance.

The faster you bring the Spinner Flex back, the more compact it becomes, while staying straight without flickering from edge to edge. When you gently bring it back, the arms remain wide open for optimal vibration. And the trailer of this spinner ensures these very good vibrations.

The two sections of the frame move freely 360 degrees allowing the free hook to move from left to right and up and down constantly following the fish that can’t get rid of it.

Made of high quality materials, the Spinner Flex has a ring that facilitates the assembly of a staple, a flexible cable ensuring its flexibility and quality skirts and pallets for better resistance over time. In conditions where the water is dark, cloudy, or by night fishing, the vibrations of the Spinner Flex are much more detectable by fish than a conventional spinner. In normal conditions, it will find its strength in its flexible structure that ensures you the end of stalls 9/10 times. Use it for pike fishing, you will be totally satisfied!

The Spinner Flex “frog skirt” range is available in the following weights: Ref : 15110 : 10 GR Ref : 15114 : 14 GR Ref : 15121 : 21 GR

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Thanks to the flexibility of the frame, the Spinner Flex always keeps a perfect balance . The more you bring the Spinner Flex quickly , it becomes more compact while remaining straight without wobbling side to side . When you gently bring the arms are wide open for optimal vibration. And the trailer for this…
The Spinner "PLUS" is a blade with a metal spring linked by a swivel. The blade brings more vibrations to the lure and we know how much fishes like them... It can be fixed to all the lures:  -under the belly for lures until 8cm  -at the extremity of the lure for bigger size model. …