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The Angel Leaded Head, a Shad leaded head (fish head shape) with a strong and very sharp hook, well known to sea fishermen.

This year, Delalande releases the short shaft version of this popular leaded head: The Angel Shad Court leaded head. 

Indeed, lures such as Speedfactor, shad Gt, Dj line, fury shad and even Sandra form very good together with the Angel heads. Having a short hook will allow more flexibility in the lure and therefore allow the lure to swim more freely.

This new version of the Ange Shad head is available from 20 to 75g.


This head will be able to complete the classic Angel Shad and adapt to some lures that its long shaft hindered in their swimming.


The + Delalande:

Those who have been delighted to use the Angel Head will be delighted by this news and will be able to use their favorite head more successfully thanks to the more realistic and natural swimming of the lure. It also makes it easier to tilt the hook when mounting on the lure.

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