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The Boulboule leads, 2013 novelty, have been created to overtake any possible limits.

The conception, of this lead, will permit you to present flexible lures in the more extreme conditions of fishing, with the ammunitions of your choice changing your LS quickly and easily.

The weights range from 30g to 500g and your LS from 13 cm up to 28 cm and more.


30 GR : 129530
50 GR : 129550
75 GR : 129575
100 GR : 1295100
150 GR : 1295150
200 GR : 1295200
250 GR : 1295250
300 GR : 1295300
400 GR : 1295400

Rig your lure on the jig head guided by the central shank on the Boulboule lead and your lure will be efficiently positioned. It has three reinforced rings: one for the attached point of the line and two others to rig any hooks you may think of.

 Rig example

You can also find this lure guide line reference 30200 for this rig

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