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The jig head football macadam fishing are available in 6 weights range and 3 hooks. This shape allows the lure to increase its rolling and especially to have a perfect presentation when the lure hits the bottom.


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A little extra:

H6 lures 3/4cm

H4 for lures 4/5cm

H2 lures 5/6cm

H1 / 0 for lures 7/8cm

H2 / 0 for lures 8/9cm

H3 / 0 for lures 9/10cm

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The jig head Ange shad is available in 5 weight. It adapts to all grub shad such as shadka 2, but also on conventional shad by cutting the head.
This Jig Head is perfect to start catfish's fishing with soft plastic lures. It's perfectly adapted for medium size catfishes on lakes fishing.