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0.6g - H6 | 1g - H6 | 1.5g - H6 | 1g - H4 | 1.5g - H4 | 2g - H4 | 3g - H4 | 4g - H4 | 2g - H2 | 3g - H2 | 4g - H2

The jig head football macadam fishing are available in 6 weights range and 3 hooks. This shape allows the lure to increase its rolling and especially to have a perfect presentation when the lure hits the bottom.


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A little extra:

H6 lures 3/4cm

H4 for lures 4/5cm

H2 lures 5/6cm

H1 / 0 for lures 7/8cm

H2 / 0 for lures 8/9cm

H3 / 0 for lures 9/10cm

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Jig heads soccer are available from 7 to 24gr. They have the distinction of having a small tab on the shank of the hook. This keeps the lure in position.
Those jig head with weigh range from 1.5 g to 10 g are equipped with tinned hook which makes them resistant to corrosion.