Quick lead

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Major innovation in this year’s catalog, we created these little leads called Quick Lead that will revolutionize your fishing box! The range extends from 3grs 28 grs and will allow you to screw your leaded directly to your Texan hooks (for shad round body like the skeleton king, DJ Line, etc.) and your jigs hooks (for shads flat body like Sandra, Shad GT Fury Shad, etc.). The primary purpose of Quick Lead is being able to adapt your leaded depending on conditions and fishing depths! You simply unscrew your shot and tighten your new weight. The spring will allow you to completely fasten the hook and your lure. You will have a solid and flexible set. The big technical advantage of mounting Texan + Quick lead screw below your lure is that the center of gravity is moved downward; your lure will swims insane! For example your DJ Line swim almost be like a crankbait swim ! Another major advantage is that you no longer have to go out with a tackle lures and jig heads stuck in your mailbox fishing, go fishing with light lures only and your quick lead!

A test urgently you will not be disappointed!…

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