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This range of jig head has been entirely created by DELALANDE with the collaboration of ANGE porteux.

The jig head articulated ANGE is available in 5 different weights : 10 gr – ref : 2910 20 gr – ref : 2920 30gr – ref : 2930 40gr – ref : 2940 60gr – ref : 2960 It can be set up on the SWAT SHAD and all cracked lure !


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Price? Do you ship to Greece?

  Fireball reviewed and redesigned! for optimal use in the Mediterranean and fishing for catfish. We reviewed our Excit'ball completely! to adapt to the emergence of this fishing fireballs including catfish and the Mediterranean (Dentis, Amberjack, Sparidées, and other marine predators). Originally created on light weight (14 to 28grs). The new version is available 100/150/200/300…
The GT is available with hinged "Custom" with "3D eyes" and especially mounted with a Texan hook. This kit allows you to mount all current decoys. Essential at sea (for bass fishing, for example) for positions encumbered it allows you to mount such a "Sandra" without the tail hangs in the hook Weights available with…