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This range of jig head has been entirely created by DELALANDE with the collaboration of ANGE porteux.

The jig head articulated ANGE is available in 5 different weights : 10 gr – ref : 2910 20 gr – ref : 2920 30gr – ref : 2930 40gr – ref : 2940 60gr – ref : 2960 It can be set up on the SWAT SHAD and all cracked lure !


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Price? Do you ship to Greece?


bonjour pour la tete ange articule pourriez vous me dire la taille texan des hamecons pour le 10g/15g/20g/30g/40g/50g/60g/80g/ 100g merci d avance cordialement



    Pour cette tête il y a 5 tailles d’hameçon proposé.
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The range of Micro JIG Head Macadam Fishing is designed for all streetfisher and finess fishing. Weights from 20grs to 0,6 grs depending on the size of the hook offer a freedom of excellent fishing. Avaible in 5 shapes !
Who never rip out his palette during aggressive predators attacks such as pike? To solve this problem, Delalande has added to its catalog this ultimate weapon to not loose the fish. We created this jig head with a pallet equipped with strong triple iron hook. The cable of the pallet is strong with an ultra…