Fireball : Excit’Ball

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Fireball reviewed and redesigned! for optimal use in the Mediterranean and fishing for catfish.

We reviewed our Excit’ball completely! to adapt to the emergence of this fishing fireballs including catfish and the Mediterranean (Dentis, Amberjack, Sparidées, and other marine predators). Originally created on light weight (14 to 28grs). The new version is available 100/150/200/300 grams.

Our fireball Excit’ball is brought to you pear shaped for hydrodynamics and an excellent stand-in line of the boat. Its shape and the high position of the hook ensures mechanical balance and anti-tilt for a perfect presentation of live!

Rise of ultra spicy hook (7/0 and 9/0), high vanadium steel iron, with a re-entrant edge Needle Cone; your bait will be maintained and will not come out of the whole. You will be able to use it without worry hook shoeing! In addition, All clips and hooks are attached to the internal frame for a solid set and resistant to attacks and forces exerted on the hook, and staple eyelets.

The Excit’ball is covered with a large layer of plastic damping the arrival of lead at the bottom. Red to ensure great depth discretion.

A robust set, technical, and perfectly designed that will allow you to fool more wary predators.

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Etienne Couilleaux


    Bonjour, merci pour votre message. Nous ne pratiquons pas la vente direct. Mais vous pouvez retrouver nos points de vente physique et en ligne ici :


Bonjour, produisez vous encore votre fire ball excit ball ? Ou peut on en acheter svp ?


    Bonjour, oui nous produisons toujours les excit’ball dans les petits grammages(de 14 à 28gr), ils sont dispos chez pas mal de nos détaillants ou éventuellement chez nos revendeurs en ligne.

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