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Already at the end for many years the GT articulated changing this season.

Indeed, it is now available in the “Custom” with “3D eyes” and especially mounted with a Texan hook.

This kit allows you to mount all current decoys. Essential at sea on crowded positions it allows you to mount such a “Sandra” without the tail hangs in the hook

Weights available with hook 2/0:

10gr ref. 079710 
14gr ref. 079714 
18gr ref. 079718 
21gr ref. 079721 
28gr ref. 079728 
40gr ref. 079740

Rigged  options


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Vos têtes plombées avec montage Texan sont très bien mais le grammage est trop faible pour nos utilisations en pêche tropical et en mer en général.
Pourriez vous m’indiquer si vous penser les fabriquer de 55 grammes à 100 grammes, nous recherchons des 70 grammes environ.
D’autre part, ou en étés vous sur la fabrication des leurres souples biodégradables
Dans l’attente de votre réponse.
Bien cordialement
La Réunion

New  jig heads Swimbaits 10/0 are designed to be mounted with very large lures 18 to 23 cm. (Ex.Shad GT 22). This strong iron hook chemical sharpening is ready for all tests. The height of the tip and the stem length were changed to optimize the manufacture and to minimize its deformation. The bottom-center of the…
News 2014, jig heads fire tiger round  are available in 7 weights ranging from 3gr  to 20 gr. To fit perfectly lures they are divided into 6 sizes of hooks from 1/0 to 8/0. References : 0360103/5 H1 / 0: 3 and 5GR 0360205/7 H2 / 0: 5 and 7GR 0360307/10 H3 / 0: 7…