Jig Head PRO

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This range of lead heads Pro has been entirely designed by Delalande to adapt to all sizes of lures.
From the smallest of 4cm to the largest of 18cm! Pro leaded hooks are 30% longer than conventional lead hooks, and their 4% tip reduces the need for dead leaves to be picked up during fundraising.

In addition, the unique shape of the head has been designed to accentuate the wobbling or lateral movement of the lure. These lead heads are available in different weights for the same hook size!

One of the big advantages of this leaded head is that it will put the lure in motion as well during a pull as during the descent.



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[…] sandres, sans distinction de taille, se sont goulûment jetés sur ces leurres, armés des toutes nouvelles têtes plombées Pro aux grammages adaptés, et les ont engamés sans réserve. A la fin de la journée, après de […]


adepte de ces têtes pour leur résistance et les nombreux choix possible, c’est dommage qu’on ne puisse les trouver dans dans de gros conditionnements.
Ou avez vous une solution?
Ps: vive le skeleton!

The jig head football macadam fishing are available in 6 weights range and 3 hooks. This shape allows the lure to increase its rolling and especially to have a perfect presentation when the lure hits the bottom. A little extra: H6 lures 3/4cm H4 for lures 4/5cm H2 lures 5/6cm H1 / 0 for lures…
Major innovation in this year's catalog, we created these little leads called Quick Lead that will revolutionize your fishing box! The range extends from 3grs 28 grs and will allow you to screw your leaded directly to your Texan hooks (for shad round body like the skeleton king, DJ Line, etc.) and your jigs hooks…