JH Special Catfish

14g | 28g | 40g | 60g | 80g

This Jig Head is perfect to start catfish’s fishing with soft plastic lures. It’s perfectly adapted for medium size catfishes on lakes fishing.

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The GT is available with hinged "Custom" with "3D eyes" and especially mounted with a Texan hook. This kit allows you to mount all current decoys. Essential at sea (for bass fishing, for example) for positions encumbered it allows you to mount such a "Sandra" without the tail hangs in the hook Weights available with…
News 2014, jig heads fire tiger round  are available in 7 weights ranging from 3gr  to 20 gr. To fit perfectly lures they are divided into 6 sizes of hooks from 1/0 to 8/0. References : 0360103/5 H1 / 0: 3 and 5GR 0360205/7 H2 / 0: 5 and 7GR 0360307/10 H3 / 0: 7…