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JH ANGE FINESSE, This range of jig heads was completely designed by DELALANDE collaboration with ANGEL Porteux.

  Leaded head ANGE FINESSE

The jig head Ange Finesse is available in 6 weights and rig on all baits and also on shadka 2

Weights available: – 10gr ref. 281010 – 15gr ref. 281015 – 20gr ref. 281020 – 30gr ref. 281030 – 40gr ref. 281040 – 50gr ref. 281050

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  Fireball reviewed and redesigned! for optimal use in the Mediterranean and fishing for catfish. We reviewed our Excit'ball completely! to adapt to the emergence of this fishing fireballs including catfish and the Mediterranean (Dentis, Amberjack, Sparidées, and other marine predators). Originally created on light weight (14 to 28grs). The new version is available 100/150/200/300…
This Jig Head is perfect to start catfish's fishing with soft plastic lures. It's perfectly adapted for medium size catfishes on lakes fishing.