JIG Micro Drop

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The range of Micro JIG Head Macadam Fishing is designed for all streetfisher and finess fishing. Weights from 20grs to 0,6 grs depending on the size of the hook offer a freedom of excellent fishing. Avaible in 5 shapes !

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The swim of this lure is simply amazing! Indeed, you will find in this lure many hours of work in design and hydrodynamic study to give it a swim really close to small forage fish. This rather stocky oval lure gives it a pronounced rolling by default. We brought him many pronounced streaks on his…
Thanks to the flexibility of the frame, the Spinner Flex always keeps a perfect balance . The more you bring the Spinner Flex quickly , it becomes more compact while remaining straight without wobbling side to side . When you gently bring the arms are wide open for optimal vibration. And the trailer for this…