3 gr- H2 | 5 gr- H1/0 | 7 gr- H2/0 | 9 gr- H3/0

The jig head Micro Round cable is available in 4 weights:

– 3g H2 ref. 031023

– 5gr H1 / 0 ref. 0310105

– 7g H2 / 0 ref. 0310207

– 9gr H3 / 0 ref. 0310309

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  This new jig head has all avantages of the classic GT Jig Head: it doesn't damages the lures the most fragile, it had a special place to past the 3D eyes and has the wider range of the market from 10gr to 155gr. Its peculiarity is in its hook of 30% longer size than…
The jig head Ange shad is available in 5 weight. It adapts to all grub shad such as shadka 2, but also on conventional shad by cutting the head.