The MICRO SHALLOW jig head, produced by Delalande’s design workshops, is an intriguing innovation.

This leaded head will give you big surprises, unique in its shape and action.

It is available in sizes from 1.5 to 5g and is suitable for lures from 3 to 8cm.

Always equipped with ultra sharp hooks, this head has the particularity of having a flat base that allows the hook to keep a horizontal position on the bottom.

Its action:

It is a leaded head that works very well in Vertical because it keeps the lure in a horizontal position at all times.  However, its low weight allows it to be used only in areas with little current and not too deep.

The first use of this leaded head is to prospect for shallow areas of shallow water.  Indeed, in the context of a throwing and rowing action, due to its shape, the leaded head reacts like a semi-plunging lure flap.

Despite its low weight, in a linear action, the head will always make the lure swim in the water layer and allow it to evolve despite a very shallow depth.

The Delalande Tipps:

Let yourself be seduced by this atypical form in order to combine the prospecting possibilities of the bib lure with the effectiveness and swimming of the soft lure.

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